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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

International Scientific Conference - "The Vlach minority in Europe – history and cultural heritage"

Department of the History of Medieval Poland and Economic History of the Institute of History

Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin


Institute of Culture

Jagiellonian University


are pleased to invite you to participate in the International Scientific Conference


The Vlach minority in Europe – history and cultural heritage


Lublin, 28-29 September 2015

The history and culture of the Vlachs (Aromanians), who inhabit the areas stretching from Albania up to the Northern Carpathians and Turkey, and also Australia and North America, is still not thoroughly researched. The ethnic, social and cultural situation of the Vlachs in many countries and regions is complex due to their centuries-old migration and movement from the southern frontiers of Europe to new areas as well as the political and historical background of the 20th century. The ideas related to the protection of minority heritage, which have become increasingly popular in recent years in Europe, allow us to start new international research on the Vlachs, and thus to compare different research perspectives aiming at a comprehensive approach to this subject.

Another annual conference devoted to the Vlachs (Poznań 2013, Bucharest 2014) will focus on the history and culture of the Vlach minority living in Europe and other areas. It is addressed to researchers from various academic fields, including historians, ethnographers, cultural anthropologists, sociologists, philologists, cultural managers and all those interested in the Vlachs.

The goal of the conference is the integration of the international scientific milieu involved in the various aspects of the Vlach minority and the cooperation of universities from different countries under the international research project (the plans are to establish the Centre for Research on the Vlachs).

We suggest the following conference topics:

  1. Settlement of the Vlachs in various regions of Europe – historical, geographical, economic, financial and cultural aspects.
  2. The role of Vlach colonization in strengthening the military system of particular countries.
  3. The Vlach pastoralism.
  4. Tangible cultural heritage of the Vlach minority (including religious buildings, residential and farm buildings, clothes and everyday objects).
  5. Intangible cultural heritage of the Vlach minority (including customs, rites, rituals, music and professions).
  6. The Vlach identity in the past and today. A historical, political and cultural perspective on the ideology and mythization of the Vlach identity.
  7. The institutions working to preserve the Vlach culture (including museums, societies/associations and foundations).

The organizers are open to a wide diversity of topics presented during the conference session; therefore, any other issues not included in the conference agenda are welcome.

Conference Venue: Institute of History UMCS (Maria Curie Skłodowska University), plac Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 4a, 20-031 Lublin

Conference language: English (in exceptional circumstances, other languages are also possible, but an English translation has to be provided for conference participants)

Conference fee is PLN 300 (EURO 75) and covers conference materials, accommodation, meals (two days) and the publication of post-conference materials. Organizers do not cover travel costs. The account number will be given in a separate e-mail.


- until 30 April 2015 –submitting speech proposals and an abstract (maximum 200 words in English). Proposals for the first two conference topics should be sent to both addresses: and

- until 10 May 2015 – information whether a paper has been accepted

- until 1 September 2015 –payment of the conference fee

- 28–29 September 2015 –the conference

- until 1 December 2015 – sending English texts for publication


The organizers reserve the right to select papers.

A detailed conference agenda and additional information (hotel list, access to Lublin) will be e-mailed near 20 May 2015.

Organizing Committee:

prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Jawor (UMCS in Lublin) 

dr hab. Ewa Kocój (Institute of Culture, UJ in Krakow)


Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

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