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Postgraduate studies

culture management

Recruitment: postgraduate studies Cultural Management

The Department of Culture Management of the Institute of Culture of the Jagiellonian University organizes one-year postgraduate studies in the field of culture management.

Recruitment is conducted through the Internet Candidate Recruitment system

Leading unit: Institute of Culture of the Jagiellonian University, Department of Culture Management

Head of Studies: Lukasz Gawel, PhD, JU prof.

Study Coordinator: Agnieszka Dudek, MA

Recruitment method and qualification conditions: order of applications

The studies are of a perfecting nature, they are addressed both to people working in cultural institutions (in each of the three sectors), as well as those interested in broadly understood management in culture. Implemented since 1997 by the Department of Cultural Management under the supervision of prof. dr hab. Emil Orzechowski, post-graduate studies in Cultural Management, from the very beginning were distinguished by combining the theoretical and practical dimensions.

The lecturers of the studies are outstanding theoreticians and practitioners. We cooperate with researchers from, among others: the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, the Warsaw School of Economics, the Krakow University of Economics; as well as directors of museums, theaters, associations, festivals and public institutions (e.g. Krakow City Hall).

Candidates submit recruitment applications in the IRK system. After submitting the application, the candidate must confirm the application by clicking on the "Confirm Application" button.

Confirmation of the application means that the candidate can no longer make changes to it. Only the confirmation of the application constitutes its effective submission.

The order in the ranking list

Candidates are enrolled for studies in the order according to the date of confirmation of the application (clicking the "Confirm application" button).

The condition for registration is the correctness of the documents required in the recruitment process loaded into the system.

If the documents are not correct, the confirmation of the application will be withdrawn (because the application was not submitted correctly). The candidate will receive information from the Faculty of Management and Social Communication about the need to upload correct documents. After uploading the correct documents, the candidate confirms the application again. The date of the last confirmation of the application applies.

At the stage of submitting a recruitment application in the system, candidates are required to upload into the system:

  • a copy of a university diploma,
  • CV (max. 1 A4 page, specifying education and professional experience)

Additional documents

A diploma obtained outside Poland should bear an apostille or be legalized.

Documents issued in a language other than Polish must be accompanied by a certified (so-called sworn) translation into Polish. Translations certified with a seal are accepted:

  • a Polish sworn translator (a person entered on the list of sworn translators of the Polish Ministry of Justice, available at: list of sworn translators) or
  • a sworn translator registered in a European Union country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, or another OECD country (if there is an institution of a sworn translator in a given country), or
  • the consul of the Republic of Poland competent for the country on whose territory or in whose education system the document was issued, or
  • a diplomatic representation or consular office of the country accredited in Poland in whose territory or in whose education system the document was issued.

The apostille clause and legalization issued in a language other than Polish also require translation.

After receiving information about qualifying for admission, the candidate prepares documents for enrollment in studies, which are sent electronically.

At the first meeting, candidates present the originals of documents uploaded to the IRK system at all stages of recruitment (available for inspection).

The condition for admission to studies is the conclusion of an agreement with the university on the terms of payment for postgraduate studies (the template of the agreement can be found on the website: umowa o warunkach odpłatności za studia podyplomowe) and paying the fee for the first semester of studies.

Studies will be conducted in extramural mode (once or twice a month).

Meetings are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00–16:00, in the building of the Faculty of Management and Social Communication of the Jagiellonian University (ul. Łojasiewicza 4) and in Krakow's cultural institutions.

Duration: 2 semesters.

Education cycle: October 2022 - June 2023

Conditions for obtaining a diploma: attendance at classes and a diploma thesis written under the supervision of the supervisor.

Fees: PLN 4,500 payable in full or in two installments (PLN 2,250 per semester)

Admission limit: 25-50 people.

I semestr studiów 

  • Zarys problematyki zarządzania kulturą (4 h)
  • Organizacja i zarządzanie: aspekty humanistyczne (8 h)
  • Zarządzanie strategiczne w instytucjach kultury (8 h)
  • Kultura w mediach społecznościowych (4 h)
  • Zarządzanie projektem (8 h)
  • Zarządzanie kapitałem ludzkim (8 h)
  • Negocjacje (8 h)
  • Zarządzanie dziedzictwem kulturowym (4 h)
  • Zarządzanie jakością w instytucjach kultury (4 h)
  • Sponsoring i jego aspekty (4 h)
  • Ochrona własności intelektualnej (4 h)
  • Organizacja i zarządzanie kulturą w Polsce (4 h)
  • Wolontariat, staże, praktyki w organizacjach kultury (4 h)
  • Dostępność instytucji kultury (4 h)

II semestr studiów

  • Seminarium (15 h)
  • Marketing w kulturze (8 h)
  • Public relations (8 h)
  • Warsztaty – pisanie projektów (8 h)
  • Międzynarodowa współpraca kulturalna (4 h)
  • Prawo zamówień publicznych (4 h)
  • Prawo pracy (4 h)
  • Modele polityki kulturalnej w Europie (4 h)
  • Sztuka wystąpień publicznych (4 h)
  • Ekonomika kultury (4 h)
  • Turystyka kulturowa (4 h)
  • Praktyczne przykłady zarządzania instytucją kultury (24 h)

The studies are intended for people working in cultural organizations (including their administration) and those who want to work in this sector in the future. They are to provide tools necessary from the point of view of the specificity of culture management in each of the three sectors. Graduates - in principle - are prepared both to take up the tasks of a middle-level manager (managing small teams of people, independently running small and medium-sized projects), and to take the position of a manager responsible for the overall functioning of cultural institutions and organizations.

Post-graduate studies in Cultural Management are admittedly perfect studies, but thanks to the contacts we maintain with graduates, it can be said that they give a chance for development to people working in the cultural sector, and increase the chance of employment for those looking for such a job. Among the students of post-graduate studies in Cultural Management there are both people working in the public sector of culture, as well as people representing the third sector and cultural industries. A separate noticeable group consists of artists looking for tools for conscious management of their own careers.

See "Program kształcenia" (the "Education program" tab)

All information is provided by the study coordinator:

Agnieszka Dudek, MA